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Welcome to my website! I'm a game developer from the south of Germany. For questions, concerns and business inquiries, please use the contact form above.

Planet Defense Command
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Galactica Bustours
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More Information About the Game
One For The Earth - Retro Space Shooter
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Froggy's Balloon
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Collision Line
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Super Hexagon Puzzle
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Tutorial Website
Deutschsprachige Tutorials über Spielentwicklung & Arduino
Zu den Tutorials
mobiMockup - Webservice for mobile mockups
Visit mobiMockup
csstrainer - Experiment with CSS
Visit csstrainer
PogoPixel Art Design Website
Pogopixel Artdesign Website
Visit pogopixel.de
AR Experiment
It's made with Unity AR Foundation. The flight behavior should be reasonably physically correct.
And Or Or
My submission to the Tray Table Game Jam. The theme of the jam was "Gate". The task was to create a VR game that could be played in an airplane seat. Jam: Tray Table VR Jam
Jam Sushi Delivery Service
Sushi Delivery Service
Jam: SRH Fachschule Game Jam 2019
Download on itch.io
Nokia 3310 Game Jam
Wings Of Fury Nokia 3310 Download on itch.io
Des Teufels Blues
Des Teufels Blues
Jam: Mobile Beans Jam 2018 (Video 17:41)
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Knot Rider
Knot Rider Play on itch.io